A Grand Experience Opening Weekend!


June 3rd was the official Grand Opening of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Springfield MA. The day was a massive success as we received an overwhelming amount of support from the surrounding jiu jitsu and martial arts community.

We were finally ready to train after spending countless hours on the building transformation over the last month. The paint was dry and the mats were down. We were ready to go. The Grand Opening day started with a free kids class for those interested in trying jiu jitsu. We had a great class with kids ranging from four to nine years old. They all had fun and are eager to come back!

After the kids class we packed in 50 adults for the free rubber guard seminar. Cars were lined down the street and people were lined up out the door waiting to get in. Head Instructor Pat Campagnola led the packed house through the seminar consisting of basic and advanced rubber guard techniques. After the seminar everybody stuck around for the open mat and enjoyed some food.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to everybody that came out to support and everybody that has contributed to getting 10th Planet Springfield MA off the ground. We are officially open for business with a full schedule that can be found here.

Bill Kerstetter